My name is Chad Wollman. I started to show dogs when I was 6 years old. My parents used to show Royal Standard poodles, German Shepherds and Dobermans. My Interest in the Rottweiler breed began when I was 7 years old. I used to go to my cousins vet practice and I saw a lot of the police dogs that were under his care. They are not to common for police work now, but they were 30 years ago. I got my first Rottweiler 17 years ago. It was a male linebred on CH Maxi Von Ridderveld. I had purchased him as a puppy. He was trained in obedience and protection under Sgt. Mike clark. Mike Clark is a certified level 2 trainer and at the time the head K-9 trainer for the Broward County sherriffs department. I was really into protection training and learned a great deal from Mike. That is how I learned the different drives of dogs.That is what brought my interest into schutzhund. I currently am getting several dogs ready to go for competition . In our kennel our stud dogs and females come from the the finest kennels in Europe. When we breed, we produce confirmation along with strong working ability. Our stud dogs and females come from the most respected dogs in the world such

Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch
Akino Von Der Lauterbrucke SCH3 IPO3
Rick Von Burgthann SCH3 IPO3
Mirko Vom Calibra SCH3 IPO3 KORUNG
Mambo Von Der Teufelsbrucke SCH3 IPO3 ZTP
Benno Von Der Schwarzen Heide SCH3 IPO3 AD
Caspa Von Schmandanberg SCH 3
Erlo Vom Gambrinius IPO3
Balou Vom Silberblick SCH3 FH GEKORT
Van Het Polderbolos.

These are just a few dogs that our outstanding imports are from.